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This is the one-and-only Complete Course Creator Dashboard built for new and established Business Owners who want to SEE your entire Sales Pipeline from front to back and hold EVERY stage of it (and everybody involved) accountable for success.


Do NOT pay another monthly subscription for a calendar service, survey tool, CRM or sales funnel builder until after you watch this demo and read this page first.

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Web-based. No installation or download required.

Zero risk. 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Dear Amazing Business Owner!

(or soon to be one)

My name is Angela DiCarlo, MBA, aka Prosperity, Cody's mom, and Founder of The Love Burn.

I have grown businesses from Zero to 7, 8 and 9-figures consistently. Yes to $105,000,000 plus!

This amazing software will provide you with access to many of the tools and training I used to successfully grow my businesses.

I want to share with you my methods for growing everything from Complete Course Creators to Contractors, Real Estate to Insurance Sales, Sandpaper to Ice Cream, Fitness Trainers to Health Food Bars, Movie Theaters to Coaching Companies.

Plus, I co-founded and run the largest Regional Burning Man Event in the United States granting over $1,000,000, yes that is million dollars, that I helped grant directly to artists.

I'm glad you are here...

Do a little dance with me!

Life is about to get even better!

Many Secrets Will Be Revealed...

I have learned in years of running successful businesses that the more "knowns" a business has, the more profitable that business is.

The more "unknowns" a business has, the more that business struggles…usually to the point of no longer being in business.

Having been in the marketing and sales arena for over 25 years and having consulted with many multi-million dollar organizations (two of which are now on the INC. 500 List of America's fastest growing companies), several have gone public and sold out to larger corporations, this is the one commonality I notice among the winners...

They have a lot of knowns.

They know their numbers... They know where all their leads are coming from... They know their cost per lead... They know when and how often leads are being followed up with... And they certainly know their sales conversion numbers.

Again, the more knowns, the more profit. The more unknowns, the more struggle.

Are You Ready To Work With Experts?

If you feel like you have too many Unknowns in your business right now, you’re not alone.

Not sure where your leads are coming from?

Not sure what stage of the sales cycle they are in?

Not sure what the cost of a lead is from a specific lead source?

Not sure if and when or how the leads that you are investing money in are being followed up with?

It's exhausting just reading this, I know.

If this is you, it’s probably not your fault. However, it IS your fault if you keep things this way...

I can tell you first-hand that having a Sales Pipeline Dashboard for your Course in one place that allows you to SEE where each and every prospect is coming from and to KNOW where they are in the buying cycle is the ultimate peace of mind, leverage and control.



Complete Course Creator is the undeniable choice for new entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners and coaches who want to SEE their entire Marketing and Sales pipeline from front to back and hold EVERY stage of it (and everybody involved) accountable…

This the first ever (and the best) "All-In-One" platform built to manage your leads, see your entire sales pipeline from front to back, integrate your calendar, your appointments and so much more!

ALL in ONE clean, simple Dashboard without the need for multiple different subscriptions to multiple different tools that really only cause more confusion (and cost!) and less accomplishment.

The best part…

There is very little tech required. The dashboard is built and ready to go. You can have your entire Complete Course Creator dashboard up and running in an hour or less. There are two tutorial videos that will walk you through how to connect the software to your sales process.

Or, you can have one of our amazing technicians set things up for for a small fee. The choice is yours.

Take Advantage Of This LIMITED TIME OFFER To Get A Lifetime License To Complete Course Creator For Only $49 ONE TIME. Normal Price Is $997 per year! You Have NO RISK And A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Here Are The Core Features You Get Inside Your Dashboard

(For Life!)...

Unlimited Pipelines

This is the core of Complete Course Creator. You can create as many Sales dashboards as you'd like so that you can SEE and TRACK your sales processes and sales funnels at all times.


Every lead you generate becomes a new Opportunity front and center in the Complete Course Creator dashboard. This now becomes your big picture overview of how many leads are coming in and from what source.

Sales Stages

Once your leads are feeding into

the Complete Course Creator dashboard you can create as many Stages as you'd like so that you can SEE where they are at all times in the sales cycle while moving them from stage to stage accordingly.

Contact Manager

Every lead or prospect that comes into Complete Course Creator is stored neatly with all the contact information intact for flawless management of the relationship from suspect to prospect to customer.

Unlimited Calendars

Your prospects or clients can now book calls or sessions right on your new Calendar Dashboard. It functions EXACTLY the same as any outside calendar subscription service you may have. The best part, the data is all in ONE place!

Advanced Analytics

The ability to track the ROI and leads in Complete Course Creator is a game changer in the advanced dashboard. Track stats such as traffic and lead source, appointment rates and even response rates will sit right on your dashboard.

Reputation Manager

If you are a business owner that uses Reviews for you and/or your clients, you can now manage and optimize your Google Reviews right from your Complete Course Creator dashboard.

Website Builder

If you ever need to create a professional website that can collect leads and add them instantly into your Dashboard, you can. There is a fully functional Website Builder inside. No need for fancy programming - just drag and drop!

Funnel Builder

This is a BIG ONE... Funnel builders can range from $50 per month to $300+ per month these days. You now NO LONGER need any of them. There is a robust Sales Funnel Builder right inside your dashboard and you get unlimited Funnels!

Yes, I Want Complete Course Creator For My Business Now!

Web-based. No installation or download required.

Zero risk. 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

You can even download the Mobile App for FREE right on your phone so that you can see your Sales Pipeline Dashboard at all times!

Total Cost Of All The Above: At Least $250 PER MONTH!

Complete Course Creator REPLACES the core functionality of ALL the above software.

Our members report the average cost savings using ONLY Complete Course Creator instead of multiple different software tools is between $200 and $500 PER MONTH!

Here's What A Few Members Have To Say About The Awesome Power Of Complete Course Creator...

"I am blown away at the capabilities of Complete Course Creator. I literally had 4 different subscriptions to run my business and now I have one! I had a calendar subscription, survey builder and funnel builder subscriptions and a CRM. No more. It's now ALL in Complete Course Creator and works flawlessly and I've eliminated 4 monthly subscriptions that were over $250+ per month combined!" Amy

"I have been doing business for 14 years and there is nothing quite simple and powerful as Complete Course Creator! I can manage my photography business and my online courses in one place with the powerful CRM. As a busy mom of 2 little girls, I need tools that work for me. This is a great choice no matter what industry you are in - from courses to service and retail businesses." Jennie

"After quickly learning how Complete Course Creator worked, I was able to get my website out of my head and online. Then I was able to focus on attracting new clients and building my business, knowing my website and funnels were built and working for me. This was a great decision and I am so glad I jumped in on the Lifetime Offer (for less than the cost of dinner) while it was still available." Josh

Activation Bonus:

When You Activate Your Lifetime License You Will Get A

FREE Digital Copy Of Angela's Top Secrets to Create A Business You Love (Have Fun) and Make Money!

The Perfect Companion To Complete Course Creator!

Take Advantage Of This LIMITED TIME OFFER To Get A Lifetime License To Complete Course Creator For Only $49 ONE TIME. Normal Price Is $997 per year! You Have NO RISK And A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Yes, I Want Complete Course Creator For My Business Now!

Web-based. No installation or download required.

Zero risk. 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

One-Time LIFETIME License Special!

Limited Time Offer! This Discount Is Reserved For Only The Next 7-Minutes.

Here's What You Get Inside Your Marketing & Sales Tracking Dashboard...

  • Insane Discount to the entire Complete Course Creator Dashboard for only $49 ONE TIME (Normally $997 per year)

Full Featured Account With NO Monthly Fees:

  • Unlimited Sales Pipeline Dashboards
  • Contact Manager
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Reputation Manager
  • Funnel Builder
  • AND Website Builder!

Plus, you will also get access to:

  • Amazing Support that includes a Support Ticket System, Video Tutorials and a LIVE Weekly Training Webinar.
  • FREE Mobile App to see your entire Sales Dashboard on your mobile device!
  • Private Access to the Complete Course Creator's Members Area and private Facebook Group.
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